Jerusalem Israel

Jerusalem Hotels in IsraelJerusalem, resting in the Judean Hills, provides the tourist with both a breathtaking and spiritual experience never to be forgotten. Steeped in history for the world’s three main religions, visitors to Jerusalem attest to its uniqueness, and an ambience that sets it aside from every other city on earth. The walls of the old city glow with 2500 years of history, for Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike. In the alleys of The Old City, you will feel as if you have gone back to an ancient time. Yet not five minutes away, you will enjoy an enchanting neighborhood built in the late 19th century – Yemin Moshe – a picturesque neighborhood of homes, artists’ studios and art galleries. Named after Sir Moses Montefiore, it was built as the first neighborhood outside the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Western Wall is the last remaining wall from the Second Temple destroyed in 70CE by the Romans. Many leave in a personal note in the wall with a wish for the future.

The Haas Promenade ( in Talpiot ) has the most magnificent view of the Old City ( and a cute restaurant in the middle of the promenade open on Fridays and Saturdays only with one of the best views in the world!) This unique promenade features paths of Jerusalem stone, wooden pergolas, and terraces landscaped with 600 olive trees.