Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Hotels in IsraelVibrant, brash, cosmopolitan Tel Aviv – Jaffa is Israel’s major metropolis and the country’s business center. Tel Aviv – “The Hill of Spring” did not even exist until 1909, when a group of Jaffa residents moved north to build a new city on the sand dunes.Tel Aviv – Hotels in Israel

With its sidewalk cafes, fine museums, lovely parks and beaches, concert halls and heaters, elegant restaurants, chic shopping malls and boutiques, Tel Aviv was made for strolling and browsing. You can walk for miles along the beachfront promenade from the north of the city down to Jaffa, passing Tel Aviv’s luxury hotels and the striking new Opera Tower shopping and entertainment center.
The Carmel Market in the Yemenite Quarter is one of the biggest open-air markets in the Middle East. The multi-media Bet Hatfusot Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, located on the campus of the Tel Aviv University, houses a large store of information about Jewish life. The Ha’aretz-Land of Israel-Museum focuses on different aspects of Israel’s past.
Tel Aviv is called the country’s culture and art Mecca, pride and joy comes from the new Golda Meir Center for the Performing Arts, home to the Israel famous Opera, dance companies, theater companies and concerts. The Mann Auditorium, home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, considered among the worlds best.
The Habima Theater and the Helena Rubinstein Hall are also well known. Art galleries and craft centers abound, offering the finest in local and international creative talents. Dizengoff Street is lined with boutiques, exclusive stores and sidewalk cafes.
Old Jaffa is a seaport, thousands of years old. Today it is a fascinating place, housing a restored Artists’ Quarter – a maze of picturesque alleys with galleries and stores selling a range of ornamental objects.
Visit the Greek Orthodox Church and then the Flea Market with wares old and new. Lunch at Jaffa’s fishermen’s port on the quay, where you can watch the marina and fishermen while enjoying a meal of wine, fish and fresh fruits of the sea. This marina together with the Tel Aviv Marina hosts yachting tourists from around the world. Tel Aviv’s cosmopolitan life-style is mirrored in the enormous number and variety of restaurants, from fast-food eateries to European-style cafes, from sidewalk cafes to elegant restaurants. The city that never sleeps offers you a range of pubs and nightspots, bringing you to the small hours of the morning, only to begin again the next day.